I am a creative/technical professional and educator who not only takes pride in his skills in the field, but takes the field home at the end of the day to use it for creative projects and continued education. I love video and graphic design, and I bring to any team a broad knowledge of all that entails. My educational, instructional, and promotional styles are project and engagement focused, introducing play—a crucial element—wherever possible. I've worked in a wide variety of workplaces and creative styles, and am comfortable anywhere the team believes in what they're doing and people are kind to each other.

In addition to my more-typical skills, I also bring to the table over a decade of Improv performance, which has immeasurably improved my interpersonal, problem-solving, brainstorming, and quick-pivoting abilities.

I am also currently a student in a Video Game Development degree program. I am gaining these skills in order to creating games that better teach scientific concepts through interaction and narrative storytelling within games. I hope that this new set of skills can be brought to any of my future positions, as gamification and interactivity can bring even higher levels of engagement and interest to any field.

Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or use my LinkedIn, and let's talk!