I think a creative professional (or anyone really?) should always be learning more skills and tricks, and here are the things I'm currently trying to wrap my head around to add to my arsenal.


As a teacher I found that there was a real lack of good educational games, especially for grades 3-6. I'd love to spend some of my spare time trying to rectify that. After doing some educational consulting work for an online STEM program, I realized that game development was something I had a lot of interest in. I also really believed I could wrap my head around it, and I have! During the pandemic I enrolled in Game Development classes at Bunker Hill Community College, and I've been making slow but steady progress towards that goal ever since.

3D Modelling

I'm currently learning Maya and Blender, with a preference for Blender. In my classes at Bunker Hill Community College Maya is the software of choice, and previously I had begun learning Blender via online tutorials. I get to experience both for now, which is fine as they both share many of the basic concepts. I'll choose my go-to software sometime in the near future.