For the past 5 years, I have been involved in elementary stem education as a teacher in the boston public schools, a consultant for stem-based online teaching, and an elementary STEM engineering instructor/curriculum designer. 

As a stem specialist teacher at the Taylor School in Mattapan, I developed a stem curriculum—from scratch—for grades k-5, including students in Special Education & English as a Second Language (ELL & SLIFE).

I have also worked as a STEM Instructor and Consultant in creating curricula around LEGO engineering, Minecraft Programming, Unity and Unreal Game Design/Development, and cardboard/found object engineering.

I also continue this work today through my hobby of educational video game design, keeping on top of trends in STEM education, and as the creative and educational father of a very curious 7 year old.

Due to the sensitive nature of photography and video in classrooms, i have not posted any photos that show the faces of my students. in some cases this limits how much of their work i can share here, but as you can see there's still plenty of wonderful STEM work on display.