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As someone who loves to create and learn, I'm always working on something to make people laugh, think, or sometimes both.

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This is one video from a web-series called "Take the Patience" that Chris Coxen and I co-created to re-enact stories from his life and travels. I did all of the production from shooting to graphic design to editing to the opening and closing music. It was a blast to work on.

The Camaro Whisperer

I directed, edited and filmed this. One of Chris' characters is a man named "Ripps McCoxen." He's obsessed with "manliness" in the form of muscle cars and lifting weights, but always does it in the most unorthodox way possible. The dragging scene is Chris actually being dragged on what is essentially a sled made of a few pieces of lumber. It makes for a great stunt, but I had to ask him quite a few times if he was sure about doing it. In the end we filmed it relatively slow and then sped it up in post. Exciting! Death defying! Funny!

Electric Interludes - Barry Tattle

I directed, filmed and edited this. My favorite of Chris' characters is "Barry Tattle." He's a lounge singer who's always on his top game, but not quite on the same wavelength as reality. He's a real ladies man... sort of... at least he thinks of himself as the consummate ladies man. This was a fun but challenging video because he is having a conversation with regular person Chris Coxen (himself) during the entirety of the video. Enjoy!


For a few years we had an annual party called "Sandwich Day," and every year we produced a video in celebration. They have a few in-jokes, but I think they're weird and funny even if you don't know everything that's going on. :)

Sandwich Days presents...
Santa Size Me

My entry for the contest from the Doug Benson podcast "Doug Loves Movies". Morgan Spurlock decides to see what would really happen if Santa ate all the cookies and milk that the world left out for him.

Sandwich Day 2012 Video

For 2012 we did our take on a tele-novella for sandwich day.

Sandwich Day 2011

2011 brought us a video that was part X-Files, part Ghostbusters, all ridiculous.

Sandwich Day 2010

2010 was a parody of the Beastie Boys song "No Sleep Till Brooklyn."



A wonderfully weird and short silent-ish video I made with some fellow comedians.

Red (Velvet) Dawn

It's a bit clunky and definitely odd, but I made this entire video in just 48 hours, from script to final edit!


A video parody of the song "Glamorous," by Fergie. The content is meant to celebrate and poke fun at the friends, cast, and crew of ImprovBoston, and was shown at a monthly show on the main stage there.