The work I've done as a freelance creative has covered a wide range of industries and disciplines, from podcast logos to medical training booklets (in German, at that!). Whatever the task, I'm confident I can produce results that exceed expectations. These are just a few examples of my freelance work:


Smartfood Pitch

This was a project for a Boston marketing professional looking to get Smartfood's attention. He came to me with the concept and copy, and I worked with him to create the visuals of a Smartfood bag that calls out the WHITE CHEDDAR flavor a few too many times.


For this project, I worked with a German medical training firm to create a brochure, powerpoint templates, an info card for industry events, and a paper folder, all based around the same design ideas and content. This was a particularly interesting job because I only speak a limited amount of German, but I worked successfully with their english-speaking team members to finish the project successfully and with proper grammar.

Mandalorian Birth Announcement

I was asked to create an eye-catching birth announcement based around their favorite show 'The Mandalorian'. This was a lot of fun to make, and big hit!


Savin Hillbillies LOGO

A local bluegrass band tasked me with designing a logo that felt home-y and friendly for their local concerts.

Anachronismo! Podcast LOGO

This logo for a history-focused podcast was designed around the idea of time traveling backwards and forwards at the same time, with bright colors and quirky design meant to highlight the light-hearted comedy nature of the podcast.

SubroClick LOGO

Paragon asked me to keep the branding close to their parent-company colors and style. They also asked that the concept of concentric curves be kept. The final choice was the result of many variations, with each set providing an iterative improvement to get them where they wanted.

Protect the Vote LOGO

Using a brief from the people at SwingBlueAlliance, I created many variations on the ballot box they wanted to be a part fo the logo. This logo was designed for the Greater Boston chapter, but was designed for national use.

 Jamaica Plain Improv Festival LOGO

This was the logo I designed for the first year of the Jamaica Plain Improv Festival. The bright colors and blue “splat!” were used order to draw attention on busy Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

Square care Logo

I was asked to present logo options for a potential Central Square, Cambridge, MA Healthcare Non-profit. This was the final choice, though the  non-profit ultimately didn't end up happening. The square and the missing areas are meant to represent the main intersection of Central Square.


This logo was meant to convey the sense of the Boston Sketch Company being a long-time institution in Boston Comedy. Their shows were well-known for being a cut above the rest in terms of professionalism and production quality.


This logo was for a comedy night that took place in a bike store after-hours. The bright colors and raw lettering were meant to convey the sense of it being a cool secret, and something a bit edgier than the other comedy nights in town.


The LegACY of Artie Barsamian

Artie Barsamian is a houshold name in the Armenian community—especially in Watertown, MA. I was hired by the family and friends of Artie Barsamian to film his final concert as well as interview Artie himself, family and fans. I produced a DVD that was well-loved by those fans and family, and became even more important with his passing just.a few years later. I was honored to be a part of chronicaling his legacy. The DVD can still be found online, but you can also watch all of the footage on his YouTube channel, maintained by his family:

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